Corrosion is the leading cause of caliper failure.

Adaptive One’s electrodeposition coating ensures complete protection for both cast iron and aluminum calipers and their critical surfaces.

Features & Benefits

Adaptive One’s E-coating is superior to the competitor’s powder coating because:

  • It provides a uniform lager of corrosion protection for both the housing and the bracket
  • The ability to E-coat aluminum calipers offers a distinct advantage over all other brands
  • E-coating inside the bracket bores helps prevent stuck brackets and reduce come-backs
  • It passes a 96-hour continuous salt spray validation test
  • All mechanical parking brake components are E-coated, including the cable brackets
  • The electrodeposition coating is applied via submersion and not a spray, offering more consistent and uniform coverage
  • The coating is environmentally friendly, heavy metal-free, and OSHA and EPA compliant

Built Better

Every Adaptive One brake caliper is remanufactured under the highest quality standards to meet or exceed the specifications required by the original design and tested during the assembly process for leaks, free moving pistons, and smooth bracket sliding.

Easier to Install

Adaptive One brake calipers offer everything needed for installation: banjo bolts with new copper crush washers, cable mounting brackets, levers, springs, scrape sensors, and pre-lubed components with high-temperature synthetic grease (where applicable).

(Electrodeposition Coating)