NAPA Proformer semi-loaded calipers are great for quality and value-oriented customers.

Features & Benefits

  • All Proformer calipers come complete with brackets, cable guides, levers, return springs and brake pad hardware where applicable.
  • All caliper mounting brackets go through the same meticulous cleaning process used for the caliper bodies and are coated with the same anti-corrosion solution used on the caliper bodies
  • All threaded ports and bolt holes on calipers and brackets are chased to restore the threads to original spec, while guide pin holes are thoroughly inspected and cleaned. This reduces the chances of galling or cross-threading. This also ensures ease of installation and leak free performance for the life of the caliper
  • All threaded hydraulic ports in aluminum caliper bodies are inspected to ensure pristine threading and fresh banjo bolts are pre-installed to prevent galling
  • Where necessary Proformer remanufactured caliper hydraulic connections are knurled to ensure proper sealing of the brake line to the caliper body, eliminating leaks
  • Silicone dust boots with high temperature capability for increased service life
  • 100% pressure tested


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