Hardware plays an integral role in better braking systems, affecting brake pad performance and service life. Even if old brake hardware appears to be ok, don’t be fooled — if the pads or shoes are worn out, the hardware is too. Over time, brake hardware becomes fatigued, heat distorted, bent or corroded, causing noise, drag and even brake failure. Using old hardware can cause drag, which can lead to:

– Reduced braking efficiency
– Premature wear of brake pads
– Reduced gas mileage
– Unexpected brake failure

NAPA Brakes hardware is manufactured to meet the toughest specifications of vehicle manufacturers. For reliable operation and maximum safety, every brake job should include new brake hardware.

Features & Benefits

  • First-to-market coverage one to three years ahead of competition
  • Premium rubber components tested to temperature extremes to ensure top operation in any weather condition
  • Poly bagged and then boxed to ensure there are no lost parts in distribution (and no returns for missing components)
  • Selected caliper abutment clips come with Quiet Clip technology to dampen and eliminate brake noise
  • NAPA Brakes hardware tray assortments provide industry leading coverage for the most popular domestic and import passenger car and light truck applications
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


99% coverage for all disc brake pads and shoes with full platform coverage from front to rear