• Extended Life
  • Consistent Performance
  • Quiet Formulation
  • Severe Duty

NAPA Fleet brake pads and rotors work seamlessly together to provide excellent performance and longevity in the most demanding situations. From emergency pursuit to extreme towing, NAPA FLEET brake pads and brake rotors are the best you can buy.

Fleet Brake Pads & Shoes

Fleet formulations contain the most metallic content — which means extra long life and better thermal conductivity and performance in high heat.

Brake Pad Features and Benefits

  • Extended Life – highest quality formulas engineered for maximum pad life
  • Consistent Performance
    • Consistent pedal feel and performance in the most extreme conditions
    • Suitable for towing or heavy loads
    • Police applications pursuit rated
  • Quiet Formulations — noise dampening characteristics that meet or exceed OE with specialty chamfers, slots and shims
  • R&D and Safety Tested
    SAE J2784, SAE J2521 and SAE J2707

Brake Shoe Features and Benefits

  • Highest quality formulas engineered for maximum brake shoe life – Extended Life
  • Consistent performance in the most extreme conditions (including towing, hauling heavy loads and police pursuits) – Dependable Performance
  • Noise dampening characteristics that meet or exceed OE – Quiet Formulations

Fleet Disc Brake Rotors

NAPA Fleet Rotors are engineered with a special high-mass metallurgy that adds tensile strength, dissipates heat quickly and enables the rotor to mate/ be tuned to the friction.

Features and Benefits

  • Perfectly balanced rotors for demanding situations – technologically advanced casting, cold box molding process, ensures tighter tolerances with minimal machining and balancing required
  • Industry leading pad-to-rotor bedding – patented concentric groove finish provides industry leading friction effectiveness, right out of the box.
  • Excellent stability, heat dissipation and noise-free operation
    • Carbon+ optimizes heat transfer for cooler braking
    • Carbon+ enhances structural composition to resist cracking and distortion
    • Carbon+ natural damping provides quiet operation
    • OE cooling vane configuration


Coverage of over 90% of light duty fleet vehicles.
Further coverage available in other product lines for all FLEET needs.

Fleet Wears Less Than the Competition

Wear (% thickness change)