NAPA Brakes Premium™ pads with Silent Guard are the better choice for premium performance at mid-level pricing. NAPA Premium offers quality and coverage that meets or exceeds most other premium brands. It’s the combination of the right formulation and OE matched engineering and sound dampening technologies that make NAPA Premium even better.

Silent Guard™ Technology

Exclusive Silent Guard Technology features a new fiber-reinforced,vulcanized rubber shim material designed to last stop after stop.

  • Ensures extra noise protection
  • Durable shim material available that won’t degrade over time
  • Additional sound dampening, viscous, insulating material
  • Full-hard steel shims hold their shape and remain in place

What it takes to be Premium

NAPA Premium disc brake pads offer advanced technology, materials, engineering, as well as extensive application and hardware coverage. All of this is backed by NAPA, the brand you and your customers have trusted for decades.

NAPA Premium disc brake pads undergo the most rigorous industry testing and surpass the competition in overall performance. Many premium producers force you to choose either quality, cost or coverage. NAPA Premium gives you all three at an extremely competitive price point.

Features & Benefits

  • Friction Formulations also designed for quieter braking and longer wear
  • OE matched ensures proper fit and performance, better stopping and smooth pedal feel
  • 100% chamfered for no initial engagement noise
  • OE matched slots improve pad stability under harsh braking improve harmonics for no noise
  • Hardware included (where applicable)
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


Premium is NAPA’s most extensive line of brake friction for passenger cars and trucks, from vintage to hybrid.