NAPA’s top of the line for aftermarket for passenger cars and light/medium duty trucks, Ultra Premium Disc Brake Rotors are manufactured to the highest quality standards using the highest quality materials and the most advanced technology.

High Carbon Casting

Ultra Premium’s “certified” high carbon content provides the best overall performance and durability under all driving conditions. Why? Because the carbon delivers optimal thermal conductivity, which:

  • Reduces thermal brake judder (smoother braking)
  • Provides high resistance to thermal cracking and fade due to high heat braking
  • Reduces brake noise by dampening the vibrations that cause noise

Features and Benefits

  • Meets/exceeds OE Specs ­­– ready to install out of the box with no machining or degreasing
  • Highest quality standards ­– produced with the finest material and Inspected using the latest technology
  • High Carbon Casting* – optimal thermal conductivity delivers the best overall performance with high resistance to cracking or fading (*Excluded hub rotors)
  • Smooth and quiet braking – precise machining tolerances for exceptional performance
  • Protective coating – protectant meets or exceeds OE resistance standards for protection against chemical and salt corrosion, helping maintain a long lasting clean appearance
  • Warranty – 24 Months or 36,000 KM from installation


Luxury and high performance passenger cars and light/medium duty trucks

NAPA Ultra Premium Rotor

Unprotected Rotor